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Core technologies


Lentiviral vector production


The laboratory specializes in the production of lentiviral vectors and has developed new types of lenti-vectors that combine efficient lentiviral transduction with functional properties of nonviral integration machineries. We have pioneered the use of lentiviral particles for delivery of genome-engineering proteins and are using lentiviral vectors for delivery of CRISPR/Cas9-based editing tools.


We would be more than happy to assist other research groups with design and production of lentiviral vectors and derived technologies, and we encourage other labs - and local labs in particular - to contact us for potential assistance and collaboration. 



Engineering of vector-encoded miRNA inhibitors


The development and use of vector-encoded miRNA inhibitors is another core interest of the lab. MicroRNAs are key regulators of gene expression and modulators of diverse biological pathways. Analyses of microRNA function as well as therapeutic managing of miRNAs rely on cellular administration of miRNA inhibitors which may be achieved by the use of viral vehicles. We have specialized in approaches to inhibit microRNAs with RNA inhibitors expressed from lentiviral vectors and are currently stydying microRNA function in skin, vasculature, and cancerous B-cells.


Please do not hesitate to contact us if you are looking for ways to down-regulate a particular microRNA.

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