Lab Members

Jacob Giehm Mikkelsen

Didde Haslund
M.Sc., PhD student

Laura Barrett Ryø
M.Sc, PhD student

Kristian Ozol
B.Sc student


Giehm Lab, April 2018

Lisbeth Dahl Schrøder
Lab Technician

Kristian Alsbjerg Skipper
M.Sc, PhD student

Emil Aagaard Thomsen
PhD student


Mads Valdemar Anderson
M.Sc, PhD student

Sofie Andersen
M.Sc, Scientific Assistant

Alexander Labial
B.Sc student


Mathias Gaarde Nielsen
M.Sc Student

Anne Bruun Rovsing
M.Sc student

Ian Møller-Nielsen
B.Sc. student

Jacob Giehm Mikkelsen

Professor MSO, Ph.D.


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Office: +45 8716 7767
Lab: +45 8716 7012
Cell: +45 2361 7253



Department of Biomedicine
Aarhus University
Wilh. Meyers Allé 4
DK - 8000 Aarhus C

News from the lab


We are improving our strategies for tailored suppression of microRNAs using DNA-encoded inhibitors  - check our recent paper in 'RNA'

(Hollensen et al., 2017, RNA 23:1247-1258).